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Bikes on Board

Station attendent placing a bicycle in a bike rack
Bicycles are welcome on Amtrak trains.

Baggage cars on the Piedmont trains have five bike racks that make it simple and hassle-free to bring your bicycle on your trip. The Carolinian, Crescent, Palmetto, Silver Meteor and Silver Star have six to eight racks, depending on the type of baggage car.

Reservations are required with advanced ticket registration and fees apply, as shown in the chart below:

​Train​Bike Racks
​Boxed Bikes
  • $0 for trips between Charlotte and Raleigh
  • $20 per bike for all stops from Selma to New York
​$10 per bike
​Crescent​$20 per bike
​Palmetto​$20 per bike
​Piedmont​$0 per bike
​Silver Meteor​$20 per bike
​Silver Star​$20 per bike

Checked service is also available at select stations for bicycles that can fold.

Reserving a Bike Rack

  • When making a reservation online, reserve a bicycle space in the "Add-Ons" section.
  • All bicycles must have a completed baggage tag on their handlebars with the passenger's name, address and phone number.
  • Loaded saddlebags must be removed from the bicycle and handled as carry-on luggage or checked baggage.

At the Station

  • Check in with the ticket agent or station attendant at least 20 minutes prior to departure time.
  • Keep your bike with you until boarding time.
  • When the train arrives, hand the bike to the conductor at the baggage car door. The conductor will secure it in the bike rack, and you can then board the train.
  • When you get to your destination, reclaim your bike at the baggage car door.

Checked Service

If all racks are full, bicycles can still be transported but must be boxed and checked as baggage and a checked baggage fee may be charged.  Service applies only at stations where checked baggage is offered.

  • Folding bicycles under the dimensions of 34" x 15" x 48" (860 x 380 x 1120 mm) are allowed on board in lieu of a piece of baggage as long as they are boxed.
  • Bicycles may be checked in a bicycle container for $10. Bicycle boxes are sold at most staffed locations for $15 per box.
  • Only true folding bicycles (bicycles specifically designed to fold up into a compact assembly) are acceptable. Generally, these bikes have small wheels and frame latches that allow the frame to be collapsed.
  • Regular bikes of any size, with or without wheels, are not considered folding bikes and may not be stored as folding bikes aboard trains.
  • Bicycles must be folded before boarding the train and must be stored in luggage storage areas at the end of the car. Folded bikes may not be stored in overhead racks.

More Information

Visit Amtrak's website for information on bicycle reservations, boxed bike fees and guidelines.

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