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Group Travel

Don't wait until you arrive at your destination for the fun to begin!

The Piedmont and Carolinian provide a pleasant fun and easy way to go on school field trips or group outings. Move around freely and avoid traffic as you sit back, relax and enjoy the trip.

To request special seating for groups with less than 20 passengers, call 1-800-USA-RAIL at least 30 days before your desired departure date.

Passengers traveling together in groups of 20 or more are eligible to receive a discount off the normal rail fare or a free escort ticket for every 20 travelers. Learn more about group travel requests on Amtrak's website or by calling the Amtrak Group Desk at 1-800-USA-1GRP.

Reserving Tickets

  • Consider several possible dates when making reservations and cost compare between days. (Better fares may be available on lighter travel days.)
  • Have alternate dates available in case the train is booked on your first choice. Be sure to record your reservation number for future reference.
  • Be prepared to give the date, destination and, if a school group, the number of students, adult chaperones and teachers traveling.
  • Services and facilities for individuals with disabilities are available. Notify your reservation agent if you need special assistance.
  • Travel earlier in the week. Trains are usually more crowded on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, so seats might be limited.
  • Travel in smaller groups to increase your chances for better fares and seating groups together. Sixty passengers or less is recommended on Piedmont trains and 70 or less on the Carolinian.


  • Remember to bring only what you can carry. Backpacks, jackets, supplies, etc. cannot be left on board the train or at the station.
  • With limited space and security restrictions, it is imperative that groups keep up with all of their belongings. Be sure to tell members that they will need to carry what they bring with them.

At the Station

  • Groups should be at the boarding station at least 40 minutes before the scheduled train departure time.
  • Upon arrival, check in immediately with the ticket agent. Your conductor will provide instructions and seating for your group when boarding the train.

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