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Be Rail Safe


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The N.C. Department of Transportation is partnering with the North Carolina Justice Academy to educate law enforcement officers around the state about rail safety.

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Every Three Hours, a Person or Vehicle Is Struck by a Train

With approximately 1,200 deaths each year on U.S. train tracks, BeRailSafe is the N.C. Department of Transportation's ongoing commitment to educating the public, as well as first-responders, about the dangers of being on and around railroad tracks. Our goal: Preventing rail-related tragedy.

Julia Littlejohn thought she was being safe when she climbed onto some tracks while looking for her lost dog.

'I'm up on the tracks, and I hear this loud horn.'

That horn signaled a fast-approaching train; one that could have killed her had she not reacted in time.

Watch: Julia Littlejohn's close call