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Train Schedules


Trains 89, 90

Effective April 7, 2015, schedules are subject to change. Times are departure times unless indicated by (ar) for arrival times.

Northbound Train 90
Savannah, GA* 8:20 am
Yemassee, SC 9:08 am
Charleston, SC* 10:00 am
Kingstree, SC 10:55 am
Florence, SC* 11:39 am
Dillon, SC 12:14 pm
Fayetteville, NC* 1:05 pm
Selma, NC 1:52 pm
Wilson, NC* 2:24 pm
Rocky Mount, NC* 2:52 pm
Petersburg, VA 4:20 pm
Richmond, VA* 5:14 pm
Alexandria, VA* 7:07 pm
Washington, DC* 7:42 pm
Baltimore, MD* 8:38 pm
Wilmington, DE* 9:29 pm
Philadelphia, PA* 9:55 pm
Trenton, NJ 10:35 pm
Newark, NJ* 11:15 pm
New York* (ar) 11:36 pm
Southbound Train 89
New York, NY* 6:05 am
Newark, NJ* 6:22 am
Trenton, NJ 7:02 am
Philadelphia, PA* 7:32 am
Wilmington, DE* 7:56 am
Baltimore, MD* 8:50 am
Washington, DC* 9:55 am
Alexandria, VA* 10:13 am
Richmond, VA* 12:14 pm
Petersburg, VA 12:49 pm
Rocky Mount, NC* 2:24 pm
Wilson, NC* 2:42 pm
Selma, NC 3:09 pm
Fayetteville, NC* 4:00 pm
Dillon, SC 4:51 pm
Florence, SC* 5:39 pm
Kingstree, SC 6:15 pm
Charleston, SC* 7:14 pm
Yemassee, SC 8:03 pm
Savannah, GA* (ar) 8:59 pm

* Checked baggage service.

Services on Board:

  • Coaches: Reservations required
  • Lounge car: Sandwiches, snacks, beverages
  • Business Class Service includes pillow, newspaper and complimentary non-alcoholic beverage.

Boxed Bikes on Board:

Boxed bicycles are only handled at stations with check baggage service and transported as checked baggage. Bike box cost is $15. Handling fee is an additional $10. Passengers traveling with bicycles should arrive at the station 30 minutes before scheduled departure.

Baggage Policy:

Check baggage at indicated station. Two pieces up to 50 lbs each free of charge, and two additional bags at a cost of $20 each. Two carry-on bags per person up to 50 lbs or 28x22x14.