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Train Schedules


Trains 79, 80

Effective October 31, 2016, schedules are subject to change. Times are departure times unless indicated by (ar) for arrival times.

Northbound Train 80
Charlotte* 7:00 am
Kannapolis 7:25 am
Salisbury 7:43 am
High Point*** 8:17 am
Greensboro* 8:39 am
Burlington 9:01 am
Durham* 9:42 am
Cary* 10:02 am
Raleigh* 10:25 am
Selma 11:00 am
Wilson* 11:30 am
Rocky Mount* 11:52 am
Petersburg, VA 1:17 pm
Richmond, VA* 2:12 pm
Fredericksburg, VA 3:06 pm
Quantico, VA 3:28 pm
Alexandria, VA* 4:02 pm
Washington, DC* 4:29 pm
Baltimore, MD* 5:47 pm
Wilmington, DE* 6:36 pm
Philadelphia, PA* 7:00 pm
Trenton, NJ 7:32 pm
Newark, NJ* 8:12 pm
New York, NY* (ar) 8:35 pm
Southbound Train 79
New York, NY* 7:25 am (Mon-Fri)
7:17 am (Sat-Sun)
Newark, NJ* 7:44 am (Mon-Fri)
7:39 am (Sat-Sun)
Trenton, NJ 8:22 am (Mon-Fri)
8:20 am (Sat-Sun)
Philadelphia, PA* 8:54 am
Wilmington, DE* 9:17 am
Baltimore, MD* 10:04 am
Washington, DC* 11:10 am
Alexandria, VA* 11:28 am
Quantico, VA 11:58 am
Fredericksburg, VA 12:21 pm
Richmond, VA* 1:24 pm
Petersburg, VA 2:08 pm
Rocky Mount* 3:36 pm
Wilson* 3:55 pm
Selma 4:29 pm
Raleigh* 5:16 pm
Cary* 5:29 pm
Durham* 5:50 pm
Burlington 6:28 pm
Greensboro* 6:58 pm
High Point*** 7:19 pm
Salisbury 7:55 pm
Kannapolis 8:12 pm
Charlotte* (ar) 8:44 pm

* Checked baggage service.

***NC By Train Connector Shuttle Schedule

Services on Board:

Cafe Menu.
Enjoy meals, snacks and beverages in the cafe car.

Business Class Service (includes pillow, digital newspaper and complimentary non-alcoholic beverage)

Volunteer train hosts provide information about service and points of interest.

Bikes on Board:

Six bike racks are available on Carolinian trains 79 and 80 between Raleigh and Charlotte only for unboxed bikes. Reserve your space when making your advanced ticket reservation. There is no handling fee. Limited space available.

Boxed Bikes on Board:

Boxed bicycles are only handled at stations with check baggage service and transported as checked baggage. Bike box cost is $15. Handling fee is an additional $10. Passengers traveling with bicycles should arrive at the station 30 minutes before scheduled departure.

Baggage Policy:

Check baggage at indicated station. Two pieces up to 50 lbs each free of charge, and two additional bags at a cost of $20 each. Two carry-on bags per person up to 50 lbs or 28x22x14.