Southern Pines Station

Address and Phone:
235 NW Broad Street

Hours: Station opens one hour before and stays open until one half hour after all train arrivals and departures. Station is unattended.

Parking: Limited parking for short-term and long-term available.

Buy your tickets:

  • save time using our online ticket app.
  • at in-station automated ticket kiosk with credit card.
  • by calling 1-800-USA-Rail
  • onboard with prior reservation number, pay conductor

Southern Pines Station's Train Schedule: Effective Nov.30, 2015

10:36 pm #91 Silver Star New York to Florida
6:52 am #92 Silver Star Florida to New York

Note: Schedules are subject to change without prior notice. Checked baggage service is not available.

Carry-on Baggage Guidelines:

Passengers may carry only two (2) pieces of baggage on board trains, not including purses, laptops, strollers, etc. Bags may not weigh more than 50 lbs. each and may not exceed a size of 28 x 22 x 14 inches. Passengers must be able to safely carry their own baggage.

Baggage ID Tags:

All carry-on and all checked baggage must have tags with the passenger's name, address and phone number.

Transit: none available

Taxis: none available

Rental Cars: Enterprise 1-800-736-8222, 910-692-3400, National 1-800-227-7368,Budget-910-944-4700, 1-800-527-0700

Visitor Information:

Moore County Convention and Visitor Bureau

800-346-5362, 910-692-3330